Ethan Kaille is a thieftaker, someone who is hired to find thieves and recover stolen property, in Boston during the time right before the Revolutionary War. His life is complicated by a rival thieftaker, Sephira Pryce, who is more like a female caricature of a mob boss than someone on the side of justice, and her ire at his being hired by a coveted rich client to investigate the murder of the client's daughter. I liked this book. I enjoyed the mix of the fantasy with the historical context. I obviously need to brush up on my American history, since aside from Samuel Adams and a mention of Revere, I had no idea who those supposedly historical figures were. The story was well done, and moved fast. The characters however, except for Ethan, were largely cardboard cutouts of people, not fully realized characters. The villains had no backstory to give some idea of why they went bad, they are just evil. That aside, this was a fun weekend read, and I'll be looking for the next book.

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