Blood Song (A Raven's Shadow)

I found Blood Song by Anthony Ryan to be a very ambitious novel. Ryan
packs a lot in, and probably more than necessary. The ending was rushed,
and a bit nonsensical at times. The book also raises shades of Name of
the Wind, in that the story is told to a scribe by the main character. I
found that to be uninspired. It's been done; making the scribe grumpy doesn't make it new and different. That said, I liked the book. The characters
were well fleshed out. Dialog was good. Pace and plot were fast. The
world was rich and detailed. It's a story of faith, family ties, politics, battles, sacrifices we make for those we love and for duty,and mysteries. There was just a lot there. I'm fairly sure I missed a lot the first time around,
and I'm going to have to reread the book to get it all. There's a time and a place for books that one has to reread many times to get all the layers to the story. While Blood Song is good, it's no Wheel Of Time.

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