Ride the Rising Tide

If an allusion to Tolkien is the most common way to praise a new fantasy author, "Heinleinesque" has got to be the science fiction equivalent. The description certainly applies to Peter Maxwell's Ride the Rising Tide, which contains equal doses of space, adventure, and 60's science fiction nostalgia. It has a space navy, a plucky young protagonist eager to rise through the ranks on the strength of exceptional abilities and a sense of destiny explained only by the invisible hand of the author shaping the plot. You'll only be jolted out of the futuristic scenario by the occasional references to hypno-study courses and the undefeatable prowess of a skilled black belt in karate.

The writing is smooth and enjoyable. The plot is interesting if not exactly realistic. The main character is almost absent of personality aside from a boundless and naively enthusiastic ambition. There are no other characters, only a selection of cardboard cutouts with recorded lines.

If you read the first book, Take the Star Road, and liked it, there's more of the same here and you'll probably enjoy it too. If you didn't, start there first. This book is a sequel and does not stand alone.

Whatever you do, don't look too closely at anything. Just take your mindless enjoyment with a smile.

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