A Scanner Darkly (movie)

I have never read the novel by Phillip K. Dick.  I will at some point, because the film seemed more a character study of drug addicts than anything else.  It was a visual feast of rotoscoped character study, but still a character study.  Beyond the lovely plot twist at the end, Scanner doesn't have much to recommend it.  This is a movie about how addictive drugs mess up people's lives.  It's not
preachy about it, and it's funny at times, but the basic subject matter is rather depressing. 

Despite what the previews may have lead you to believe, had you not already read the book, Scanner doesn't fit much in the sci-fi genre.  Aside from the blur suits the agents wear to protect their identities while in the office, technology takes a back seat in this one.  Even the police-espionage aspect of it is very, very muted.

I'd recommend Trainspotting over Scanner on the subject of drugs, but you won't find a review of it here, as it is not speculative fiction.

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