According to Amazon, there's a new Anita Blake novel due out Febuary 28th, titled simply Micah (named for one of the prominent characters in the last three novels). There's an interesting twist. Amazon is listing it as a paperback. I presume that means that Ms. Hamilton has been downgraded from the hardcover list due to lackluster sales of her last Blake novel, Incubus Dreams, or the intervening Meredith Gentry novels. I actually think that's a good thing; the Gentry novels were unashamed soft-core pornography and the recent Blake novels weren't much better. I'm much more interested in magic, vampires, werewolves, and murder mysteries than I am in reading a thousand pages of nonstop sexual orgy. Perhaps the declining sales will deliver the point to the publishers and the author in a way that online commentary may not necessarily accomplish.

In paperback, I'll buy it, and I'll have a review here soon after.

UPDATE: Careful reading of the Amazon review indicates that the situation is a little more complex. Micah is a shorter novel (288 pages) intended as an entry point for new readers, another indication of potentially flagging sales -- the publisher is trying to get new readers hooked because the existing reader base isn't buying as much as they would like. It will be followed, in June, with a full-length novel: Danse Macabre.

UPDATE: Micah is out in my local Barnes and Noble. Reporting wirelessly from the scene...

UPDATE: Micah didn't really do much for me.  About equal parts sex, relationship angst, and supernatural spook.  Nothing really to recommend it especially, though the sex didn't grate nearly so badly as in the last full-length novel. 

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