Arrow's Fall

Arrow's Fall completes the story of Talia, Queen's Own Herald of Valdemar. Returning from her internship, Talia's friends and allies at Court welcome her back with the news that the Queen is considering a betrothal for Elspeth, heir to the throne, at the insistence of her advisors. The betrothal offer came from Ancar of Hardorn, a neighboring kingdom with a history of friendship, if not outright alliance, but something about the situation doesn't sit right with the Queen -- nor with the Queen's Own.

Talia must somehow sort out the mess her personal life has become, figure out what it is about the betrothal offer that makes her wary, and find true love, all in the course of a few hundred pages.  For the first time, Talia is faced with serious threats to her life as well as her sanity, as the fate of nations and the plots of kings threaten both her personally and the throne to which she owes her allegiance. 

The events in Arrow's Fall are the true beginning of the entire Valdemar series, detailing the return of true magic to a land that has done without for almost two centuries.  While it is the end of Talia's story, Lackey has much more in mind for the Heralds of Valdemar.

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