New Highlander movie?

Professor Bainbridge reports on rumors of a new (fifth) Highlander movie.  He's skeptical, and I don't blame him.  As the saying goes, "There should have been only one."  Nevertheless I predict I will see it, in the faint hope that they will actually get it right for once.

I do have to take mild issue with Bainbridge's claim that Lambert is a "competent martial arts star"; Lambert's fighting in Highlander is very impressive, considering that he's apparantly so nearsighted as to be nearly blind without his glasses, which of course he's not allowed to wear when pretending to be an immortal.  In actual fact, it comes off well enough to carry the movie for someone who doesn't actually know anything about fighting, but that's about all.  Lambert gets the character perfectly, he's just not really up to the fight scenes.  (Lambert does a much better job in The Hunted, where he isn't asked to play an expert, and the other stars really are expert enough to pass the smell test).

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