The Whim of the Dragon

Legend says that only three things can destroy the Secret Country: the Border Magic, the Crystal of the Earth, and the Whim of the Dragon. Only the last remains, as the five children are summoned once more to the land of their own make-believe. This time, however, it will be different. For as they fled at the end of The Hidden Land, the note they left behind will reveal them as imposters. Even a land of make-believe will not take well to being told what it is, and with the children they replaced among the dead, a charitable reception is unlikely.

Yet there are still mysteries to be unraveled. Is the Secret Country real, or merely a figment of the imagination? Who brought them there, and what was their purpose? To answer these questions, the children must face the whim of the dragon...

This final volume in the trilogy continues the solid storytelling and quality prose of the first two, while successfully answering many of the questions a more critical reader has been posing all along.

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