Alphabet of Thorn

In a palace far above the sea, a young, bewildered queen begins her reign.  Deep in the stone under the palace, a young girl translating foreign languages in the royal library becomes obsessed with a magical book containing a language of thorns.  It is an obsession that could destroy her world.

    Alphabet of Thorn by Patricia McKillip is a poetic novel.  The language is precise, evocative, and quietly beautiful.  Reading it was like viewing a series of snapshots in which the characters' desperation can be felt as one views the scenes.

    While parts of the plot are obvious, there are enough twists and unexpected events to keep a reader interested.  There may not be enough action for some readers, as there is no villain, aside from the moral ambiguities in us all.  For the rest, it is a lovely, poignant story.

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