Water Sleeps

Disaster. Betrayed by the rulers of Taglios at the very gates of the Glittering Plain, betrayed again as those few surviving members of the Old Company are just beginning to explore the mysteries they have long sought. Only Goblin and One-Eye of the Old Company have escaped the trap, joining with their Taglian brothers to continue the battle. Water Sleeps, the Book of Sleepy, details that struggle as it takes on the quality of a guerilla war. The Black Company are but a few men in hiding, but the Black Company will neither forget their fellow soldiers trapped beneath the Glittering Plain, nor forgive the betrayals that put them there.
All is not lost, however.  Murgen's body may be trapped beneath the Plain, but his spirit roams free, providing an unmatched source of intelligence for his allies.  Though Goblin has fallen and One-Eye is feeling his age, a new wizard has arisen to take up the fight: Tobo, son of Murgen and Ky Sahra.  The Black Company has long been at its best when intrigue and unconventional warfare are the order of the day.

Yet their enemies are strong as well: Soulcatcher rules Taglios with Mogaba as her general, and the Radisha bears a grudge as well, for all she brought it upon herself.  Kina and the Daughter of Night still scheme to bring about the Year of the Skulls, and the Black Company is no longer in a position to thwart them. 

Water sleeps, but your enemies don't.

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