Batman Begins

Hrmph. I saw it. It was OK. I can't say that it was especially good, but it wasn't especially bad; certainly far better than the debacle that was Batman and Robin.

They went out of their way to avoid contradicting the more recent movies while setting up a more effective backdrop for sequels, but I think that will end in the next series (the setup for the sequel-villian was the Joker, which will obviously conflict with the Batman of the 90s).

The plot was mostly mindless, serving primarily to showcase the new Batman style of near-psychotic terrorism.  That aspect worked quite well.  Other elements intended to provide a justification for the character's acquisition of extremely unusual skills went less well.  The villians were a wash; one particularly good, one handled rather poorly.  Most of the fight scenes were cut miserably (though some of the training sequences were OK), and I can't help but think that maybe the actor just couldn't fight convincingly and the director had to hide it.  But that didn't matter much, because this new Batman isn't about beating people up so much as he is about scaring them to death.

My overall impression was that the movie had some interesting ideas, but the execution was always just a little bit off.  They came close to making an excellent movie, but didn't quite make it; and they didn't quite make it because they didn't quite make any of the smaller goals either, by about the same amount. 

There's no compelling reason to see the movie, but it will probably manage to entertain.

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