Iron Fist Season 2

Season 2 represents a clear improvement over Season 1 of this show in every respect. The dynamic between Danny Rand and Christine (his girlfriend and sidekick) changes significantly for the better, with Christine's (or rather, the actresses') noticeably superior martial arts skills getting recognition. Danny's own moral failings are pointed to and wrestled with. Some problems are recognized as unsolvable, at least by vigilante superheros. Like Season 2 of Luke Cage, there's some significant moral ambiguity present, but it's somewhat less drastic.

The sole issue I had was with the potential motivations for some of the changes, which will bear themselves out in future seasons and would be spoilers to explain. Without spoilers, I will say that big changes were made, and there are potentially good reasons for those changes, and potentially bad reasons for those changes. I have no way of knowing which set of reasons are correct, and the hints given for where things are going next don't really help.

On the whole, definitely an improvement over Season 1, and still better than Luke Cage, but not nearly as good as the record Daredevil has set so far.

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