Legion (Season 1)

Legion is a TV-form production licensed from Marvel, set in the X-Men side of the universe. Unless you are familiar with the character from the source material, it's not going to feature any well known characters. The first season is very odd, as you might expect from a series revolving around a main character whose defining characteristic is his paranoid schizophrenia. Or, in other words, he hears voices. And occasionally sees things. And occasionally blows up his kitchen with his mind, and then forgets about it.

There's a weird, 60s-70s psychedelic vibe to this. If anything, it reminds me a bit of Twin Peaks. There's that weird, funny, accept-it-or-run-away thing going on.

There are very, very few references to the wider Marvel universe. The show reluctantly describes some characters as mutants in one or two episodes. There are some subtle touches (a window with an X in the background). But mostly, it's a story about a guy who maybe has powers and maybe it's all in his own head. And of the other mutants involved, one has the power to throw things very very far away, another has the power to conduct group therapy, and the last is a man named Carrie whose superpower is literal gender dysphoria.

I wish I was kidding, but that's really it.

I get the impression someone wanted to make a show about that, found a Legion comic, and pitched the idea to Marvel so he could make something like what his muse was asking for.

In the end, it's watchable, reasonably interesting, and holds your attention for all 8 episodes of the short first season. But it never really breaks out of the idea that it's all relevant only to what's happening in the main character's head. I'm left with no real desire to follow the show into its' second season, though I might do so eventually from sheer boredom.

One final note: the fight scenes (and there are not many) are really badly done. The actors can't fight, the special effects can't even handle people being thrown into the distance, and the faceless goons look like they are wearing masks because they are ashamed of being taken down by a girl 6-to-1 in a full speed shot where the actors look like they are moving in slow motion. The show would have been better off if every single fight scene had been removed.

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