Daredevil Season 3

Daredevil's Season 3 on Netflix has a lot to offer, despite some early warning signs suggesting it might be overly political. The overall plotline involves the return of Wilson Fisk (now openly known as the Kingpin), and Daredevil's attempts to keep him from regaining control of the city's criminal underworld. We have an excellent guest villain from Daredevil's rogues' gallery, and there are many well-done and subtle callbacks to that character's earlier appearances in all formats. We get a bit more backstory for Karen Page, which is interesting but awkwardly inserted. We get some significant revelations for Matt Murdock himself.

I had been expecting to see one of the characters from Iron Fist Season 2 make a followup appearance here, as that character is also prominent in Daredevil's rogues' gallery, but that was not the case. I remain hopeful that the introduction of that character means she will appear in later seasons.

This is a classic Daredevil story, and the series remains the best of the Netflix Marvel licenses, precisely, I think, because they are human stories. Matt Murdock is a human being, an exceptional one to be sure, facing superhuman problems. He makes moral choices and then agonizes over whether he made the right ones. His friends want to help, and do, even when it puts them at risk. He needs their help, and the help of others, to succeed. There's no superhuman trump card.

Unfortunately, there is a flaw in the ointment. The solution at the end of the season may not be a supernatural Deus Ex Machina, but it feels a bit like a human one, or perhaps half of one. Still, it's thematically appropriate, so not awful.

We did also get a delightfully unexpected hint at the identify of another member of Daredevil's classic rogues' gallery, and that is not a bad tradeoff at all.

Thu Oct 25 13:20:04 CDT 2018 by Matthew. Comments

Iron Fist Season 2

Season 2 represents a clear improvement over Season 1 of this show in every respect. The dynamic between Danny Rand and Christine (his girlfriend and sidekick) changes significantly for the better, with Christine's (or rather, the actresses') noticeably superior martial arts skills getting recognition. Danny's own moral failings are pointed to and wrestled with. Some problems are recognized as unsolvable, at least by vigilante superheros. Like Season 2 of Luke Cage, there's some significant moral ambiguity present, but it's somewhat less drastic.

The sole issue I had was with the potential motivations for some of the changes, which will bear themselves out in future seasons and would be spoilers to explain. Without spoilers, I will say that big changes were made, and there are potentially good reasons for those changes, and potentially bad reasons for those changes. I have no way of knowing which set of reasons are correct, and the hints given for where things are going next don't really help.

On the whole, definitely an improvement over Season 1, and still better than Luke Cage, but not nearly as good as the record Daredevil has set so far.

Wed Oct 24 13:04:47 CDT 2018 by Matthew. Comments

Luke Cage Season 2

I don't have much to say about this one. It was better than the first season, but had too much focus on the criminals. There was significant moral ambiguity, particularly towards the end, which could either be a bad thing or a deliberate storytelling choice that will be redeemed next season. This season, it left a bad taste in my mouth. The cameo appearance by Iron Fist was good, but did not mesh well with Iron Fist Season 2 as a whole. (I'm not sure of the chronology). An improvement over the first season, not least because it was shorter and thus had less time to waste. If they had cut it down to 6 episodes instead of ten, it might have worked.

Mon Oct 22 13:58:50 CDT 2018 by Matthew. Comments

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