Shadows Linger

The Black Company opened Glen Cook's dark military fantasy with a flood of smoke and flame. The story continues in Shadows Linger, as the Black Company begins to learn the dirty little secret the Lady left in her grave when an unwitting wizard freed her. If the Lady is a merciless, uncaring tyrant, than the Dominator cares very, very much about the betrayal that left him trapped. And not in a loving, tender sort of way.

And that puts the Black Company between a rock and a hard place... facing an unenviable choice of evils with no way out.
Shadows Linger takes a step back from the simple military campaign chronicled in The Black Company, focusing more on the individual actions whose consequences become far more important than they had ever anticipated.  The Black Company fights by stealth and guile more than simple force of arms, and this tale reflects that.

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