Kiss the Dead

When the best think you can say about a book is that you don't remember reading it a year later, it's not very flattering. That's the only way I can describe Kiss the Dead, another Anita Blake novel from Laurel K Hamilton. Even reading the plot summary on Amazon just now failed to bring back any signifiant elements of the story. So why am I writing this review, you ask? Even the fact that a book is that forgettable is useful information. If it was really bad, I would remember that. If it was really good, or even just interesting, I would remember that too. But instead, it's just another Anita Blake novel. It'll probably entertain you for a few hours.

Sat Aug 25 13:35:40 CDT 2018 by Matthew. Comments


The latest in Hamilton's Anita Blake series, Serpentine continues the series with the planned wedding of "Ted" and Donna. Of course, things never go quite according to plan, and there are the usual supernatural complications that seem to follow Anita whereever she goes. Since we're talking about book 26 in a series, this is not the place for new readers to start.

Further, we're talking about a series where the closest thing to a Dark Lord threatening the world was killed off something like 10 books ago. So we're basically running on fumes and leftover melodrama.

What this book has: Edward, Anita, Otto, and Bernard, the "four horsemen" boogiemen to the supernatural. It has wedding drama, a few of the old characters, a new supernatural monster, a chapter or two of pornographic sex (I skipped them and didn't notice any resulting plot holes), and a sort of half-hearted investigation.

It gets positive marks for having less sex than some of the recent books. The rest of the book is wedding arrangements, investigations, and interpersonal relationship drama. There are some interesting developments there that will likely pay off in future books. One of them hints at a possible future OH JOHN RINGO NO moment.

The author is clearly still going through the motions rather than writing from inspiration, but there are some positive signs of a return to form. I don't regret reading it, just paying full price.

Mon Aug 20 13:46:11 CDT 2018 by Matthew. Comments

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