A Wastrel's Tale

A Wastrel's Tale is (probably) the first book in a swords and sorcery zombie apocalypse series. The story revolves around a member of an order dedicated to fighting necromancy with the use of arms and specialized magic, yet for decades now there have been but few necromancers. Indeed, only one of any notable talent or skill, and that one in captivity. An ideal condition for a third son who would dearly love to spend his life training, drinking, and wenching, no? Unfortunately, duty is about to call...

Fans of the author, RW Krpoun, will get more of what they are used to: a literary interpretation of the sort of adventure they are used to getting with a side of dice. Unlike the new "LitRPG" genre, though, the story is taken seriously without interruptions for stats while the characters think about leveling up. Just good, solid adventure with interesting characters. The setting is a little generic, but time may improve that, and those elements close to the story are creative and fleshed out.

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